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The Tyler Hitchcock Agency and the North Texas Food Bank in the News!

The Tyler Hitchcock Agency and the North Texas Food Bank Launch Charity Initiative to Feed Hungry Families in Eastern Texas


The Tyler Hitchcock Agency, a full service insurance and financial consulting firm that provides services to families and business owners throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, is embarking on a cooperative charity effort with the North Texas Food Bank to feed hungry families in the region


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The Tyler Hitchcock Agency, a Dallas area firm providing insurance consultation, financial planning, and related services to communities across eastern Texas, is announcing a charity drive in conjunction with the North Texas Food Bank with the goal of providing meals to hungry children and adults.


Consistently a top-rated nonprofit organization for hunger relief, the North Texas Food Bank distributes nearly 200,000 meals per day, and over 70 million meals per year. However, more than 850,000 residents of eastern Texas live in food insecure households, and another 92 million meals per year are needed in order to close the hunger gap in the region.


“We hope everyone in the Grand Prairie region will join us on our mission to help raise funds to serve children, seniors and families facing hunger in our local community,” says Tyler Hitchcock, founder and chief executive of the Tyler Hitchcock Agency.


Utilizing a combination of social media outreach programs and a dedicated email update system, the Tyler Hitchcock Agency is working to promote the North Texas Food Bank charity program throughout the Dallas area. Additional publicity efforts will include the release of a feature article discussing the event in an upcoming edition of the Hitchcock Agency’s webzine “Our Hometown”:


Since early 2016, the Tyler Hitchcock Agency has been an active participant in the “Agents of Change” national charity support network. As committed members of this group, Hitchcock and his team plan to continue finding and working to support new regional charitable organizations on a quarterly basis.


All those who want to join the Tyler Hitchcock Agency for the North Texas Food Bank charity drive are urged to help close the hunger gap in the Dallas/Fort Worth community by following this link and taking action: Charity events for area nonprofit organizations that have already received assistance from the Tyler Hitchcock Agency are detailed in the company’s ongoing Community Causes roster:


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