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Newell Auto Group

After being in the Auto Sales buisness for the past 9 years.. I have learned that honesty and communication is the Keys to success! I have always heard the horror stories of my friends and family dealing with a shady salesman, and I swore I would never be that way! I have found my nitch as a Auto Broker and I love what I do. I will personally find the car you desire without all the twist, turns and frustrations of dealing with a Franchise dealer.

I can get you any car you desire, weather it be Brand New, Pre Owned or you just want to lease! I get all the special rates and discounts a franchise dealership can give. and MORE!! The car gets delivered to my office, as well as the paperwork and you are in and out in just a few minutes. Much better than spending the countless frustrating hours at a Franchise dealership!

So if you or anyone you know is in the car buying market.. have them give me a call. I promise I wont waist their time and will make the car buying experience as easy as possible!!


Phone: 925-657-7038